Regional Pro Staff


Boogerman Baits Regional Promotional Staff Program is looking for a limited number of anglers to represent the Boogerman Baits brand. If you are a fishing guide, student angler, tournament angler, or community influencer that is interested in partnering with Boogerman Baits, please read our qualifications for the Boogerman Baits Regional Promotional Staff Program. If you qualify, you may complete our application for review.

  • Active participation in local fishing community or in tournament fishing (minimum of 5 per year)
  • Active social media presence with good photography skills. Instagram is our top priority
  • Sole use of Boogerman Baits
  • Motivation to be an active part of our Regional Promotional Staff
  • Maintain a positive, respectable appearance on and off the water
    • Minimum of 4 different posts about fishing (including at least 2 posts about Boogerman Baits products) per month on social media.
    • Use of hashtags when posting #handcrafted #madeinamerica #boogermanbaits
    • Post a unique comment monthly on Boogerman Baits social media posts
    • Tag @boogermanbaits ONLY WHEN necessary- I.E. if a picture contains anything about the brand. It is not necessary to tag us in every single post, especially when not relevant to Boogermanbaits.
    • DO NOT use our handle in giveaway entries
    • Share your using experience with a Boogerman Baits product in product reviews when purchased from Retailers
    • Represent Boogerman Baits when attending tournaments. Boogerman Baits logo needs to be on your apparel or gear.
    • Do not share your discount code with anyone else. It is for your use only.
      Team Benefits:
      • Discount for all Boogerman Baits products
      • Free Boogerman Baits decal pack.
      • Pro Staff application responses may take up to 2-3 workdays from initial submission.


        We are accepting a limited number of applications. To apply download the application and follow the instructions. Thank you!